How to Survive and Thrive in An Age of Digital Transformation

At NetAccess, our vision is to be the trusted leader in everything we do. For us, this means anticipating the needs of our clients and getting ahead of them at the intersection of technology and business. As a leader in the field of managed Information and Communication technology, NetAccess understands the profound implications the present wave of digital transformation has for business. In our Spring 2018 Seminar Series: How to Survive and Thrive in An Age of Digital Transformation we are bringing together a group of industry experts to address key questions every business owner must ask.  In this series we will help business owners, executives, and IT managers understand the nature of digital transformation, and learn how they can align their business strategy to survive and thrive in this dynamic new environment.


Topic Date Time
The New World of Digital Transformation: Challenges & Opportunities March 15th 11:30am
Cyber Threats in a Digital World: Is your Business Ready? March 29th 11:30am
Digital Transformation: Changing the Way We Do Business April 12th 11:30am
Digital Transformation & The Intelligent Community April 26th 11:30am
Creating a Digital Vision and Winning Business Strategy May 10th 11:30am
The Core Elements of a Successful Digital Workplace May 31st 11:30am

Each seminar will be presented by a leading expert within each topic’s field and supplemented by additional material and resources to help participants develop their own road map for success. Ample time will be available during each session for participants to ask questions and interact with other attendees.

We hope you will join us for each of these engaging seminars, and will distribute more detailed information as dates approach – check back frequently, or sign up for our newsletter.

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