From staplers to filing cabinets; computers to telephones, businesses tend to agree that one of anything is often not enough – and the same can be said about office locations. In many cases, businesses with sufficient capital and a surplus of personnel opt to open new locations in the interest of engaging new markets. But how do they bridge the communication gap between each location, in a way that is both effective and cost-efficient?

Here are 5 valuable tips to help you manage your Information and Communications Technology seamlessly.

1. Performance is key

Ensure your wide area network (WAN) design is optimized, and applications and data configured correctly, to provide all workers from satellite locations with the same capacity for success as head office locations. Your WAN provider should have experience that goes beyond the WAN link itself, to include supporting all servers and applications.

2. Monitor everything

If your offices happen to be geographically distant, you might be tempted to implement WAN connections from various regional providers. This makes it difficult to pinpoint the source of any issues, unless you’re monitoring each layer of the network. Instead, choose a single company to monitor and manage your network from end-to-end.

3. Use multiple locations to your advantage

Having multiple locations is a great asset to your business continuity plan. Be sure to replicate or backup your files and data to different locations, to ensure your business can remain open in the event of a disaster.

4. Don’t forget voice traffic

Despite what some companies may lead you to believe, voice traffic is not the same as data traffic. Make sure your WAN provider has dual expertise in these two arenas, and is capable of monitoring and supporting both technologies.

5. Make it seamless

All your business’s staff members should be able to access the applications and data they need, regardless of where they are located. This requires rethinking the way data is stored, the way servers are configured, and how internal processes are performed. For this reason, it’s critical to insist upon working with a company who is experienced in the design, maintenance, and management of modern voice and data networks. At NetAccess, we check all these boxes with innovative solutions to suit your company’s unique needs and budget.

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