Acceptable Use Policy

Customer agrees to the following acceptable terms of use as they are part of an integrated network:

  1. Fraudulent Use: Customers are strictly prohibited from engaging in any abusive, fraudulent, or deceptive activities on NAS Network and Services. This includes any actions that may compromise the integrity of the network.
  2. Shared Facilities Interference: In shared access facilities, customers must ensure that their use of the service does not impede or disrupt the activities of other network customers. This is to guarantee a fair and efficient utilization of resources.
  3. Non-Interference with Company’s Network: Customers must refrain from engaging in any activities that interfere with or disrupt the smooth operation of the Company’s Network Services.
  4. Legal Compliance: Customers are obligated to use the service in compliance with both Canadian and International laws, ensuring that their activities adhere to legal standards and regulations.
  5. Internet Etiquette: Customers are expected to use the service in accordance with the general etiquette, spirit, and intent of the Internet, as communicated to the public from time to time.
  6. Respect for Privacy: While using the Internet, customers must respect the privacy of others and avoid engaging in any behavior that could be deemed obscene or obtrusive.
  7. Confidentiality of Access Codes: Customers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of access codes or passwords provided by the Company for the purpose of accessing services.
  8. Anti-Spam Policy: Sending Unsolicited Commercial Email (spam) is strictly prohibited. Customers found in violation agree to pay a Spam Penalty of five dollars ($5.00) per complaint email received, up to a maximum of $250.00 per month, except in cases where spam results from malicious code.
  9. Inspection of Files: The Company reserves the right to inspect all files residing on its equipment to ensure compliance with usage policies and security measures.
  10. Customer-Exclusive Use: The Company’s services are exclusively for customer use, and customers are prohibited from sharing or allowing unauthorized use by third parties.