Acceptable Use Policy (Use of network)

Acceptable Use Policy

Customer agrees to the following acceptable terms of use as they are part of an integrated network:

  • Customer shall not, nor permit or assist others, to abuse or fraudulently use NAS Network and Services.
  • (Where applicable in shared access facilities) Customer’s Use of Service must not interfere with the work of other Network Customers.
  • Customer’s Use of Service must not interfere or disrupt the Company’s Network Services.
  • Customer’s Use of Service must not be in contravention of Canadian or International Laws.
  • Customer’s Use of Service must not be in contravention of the general etiquette; spirit or intent of the Internet as such is made known to the General Public from time to time.
  • The Customer while using the Internet, will respect the privacy of others on the Internet, and will not operate in a manner considered being obscene and/or obtrusive.
  • The Customer shall assume the responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of access codes or passwords supplied by the Company for use in connection with Services.
  • The Customer shall not send or cause to be sent Unsolicited Commercial Email (spam) to other Internet users. The Customer agrees to pay the Company five dollars ($5.00) per complaint email received (the Spam Penalty) as a result of any spam sent to the maximum of $250.00 per month except where such spam is the result of malicious code (virus spy ware, etc.) unknowingly operating on the Customer’s computer(s).
  • The Company reserves the right to inspect all files that reside on the Company’s equipment.
  • The Company’s Service is for the customer use only.