Do you have feedback you would like to provide to us about the accessibility of our products or services? All feedback will be directed to the attention of our Accessibility Coordinator. You can send us feedback through any of the following methods:

1) Email our support team using Please use the subject “Accessibility Feedback”.

2) Reach us by telephone at 1-905-524-2001 x240

3) By mail:

NetAccess Systems Inc.

21 King Street West
Suite 1500
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 4W7

If you would like to be contacted in response to your concern, please let us know your preferred method of communication. Otherwise, we will respond to you through the same method that you used to contact us.

You also have the option of providing feedback anonymously. If you do, we will take note of your feedback through our usual internal process but will not respond to you directly.

Unless you elect to provide feedback anonymously, we will contact you in response to confirm receipt and to work with you on how we can best address the issue.

Any personal information you disclose to us while providing feedback on accessibility will be kept confidential unless consent to its disclosure is provided.