Domain Privacy is an added layer of protection for your domain name.

When someone looks up your domain at a registrar, your name, phone and address details are all present as required by ICANN. Because of this your personal information is made available to hackers and spammers. Domain Privacy obscures this information in the public WHOIS databases by supplementing your real information with generic data that we hold on file.

Domain Privacy Protection - Do you have it?
Domain Privacy Protection – Do you have it?

As you can see illustrated by the chart, a domain without protection will list real information about the ownership of the domain whereas domains with protection is substituted.

Some ways that this protects you:

1 – Robot-calls – your email and phone number are publicly available here and it’s a favorite method of spammers to collect this information and use it in their email campaigns and robot calling spam calls.

2 – Selling of Personal Information – there are groups that collect ‘real information’ and then sell this to marketing firms and spammers.

3 – Corporate Insights – domain information that is publicly available is often used in Corporate data mining, by competitors for example, not always for legitimate purposes.

4 – other purposes – real information is key data for hackers looking to gain access to your networks – armed with the right information, spear phishing can be customized by hackers looking to gain illicit access to corporate resources, often a legit name is all that is needed to take on an untoward assailant.

NetAccess has been providing domains and management of domains since 1993. If you have any questions or would like to investigate adding domain privacy to you domain, please reach out to us via or 905-524-2001 and we would be more than pleased to help explain further.

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