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  • How do I check my voicemail?

    Pick up your handset and dial *97. You will be prompted to input your password (often 1234), after which, follow the voicemail prompts. (1 to repeat, 7 to delete, 6 to advance to the next message)

  • How do I check voicemail for a different extension?

    Pick up your handset and dial *98. You will be prompted to enter the extension you wish to retrieve the voicemail for. You will then be prompted to input your voicemail password (often 1234) and follow the voicemail prompts. (1 to repeat, 7 to delete, 6 to advance to the next message)

  • How do I check my voicemail from outside of my work, home, or office?

    From any phone, call into the extension in question and while listening to the voicemail greeting, press *. You will then be prompted to enter a password (often 1234). Follow the voicemail prompts. (1 to repeat, 7 to delete, 6 to advance to the next message)

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages between POP, IMAP & Exchange email?

    Each email protocol has its own advantage for different use scenarios.

    POP stands for ‘Post Office Protocol’, which delivers a single copy of the email to your device and removes all copies from the server, or for a short number of days. The advantage is this can save space for cloud storage, and allows your emails to be manually backed up and restored to your device. The disadvantage is that if your device fails, you may lose all of your email permanently and webmail will only display your latest messages.

    IMAP stands for ‘Internet Message Access Protocol’, and unlike POP, it keeps messages on the mail server for a set number of days, or permanently. The advantage for IMAP is it works best from any browser or two or more devices, and keeps your email in sync between them so you can be up to date from any device. The disadvantage is that it will use more cloud storage.

    Exchange offers the same convenient email syncing functions as IMAP, but can also sync tasks, contacts, and calendars between devices and other exchange users. This allows for tremendous productivity as calendar scheduling, contacts, and task responsibilities can be shared among a group. The disadvantage is exchange accounts tend to cost much more than POP or IMAP.

  • What setting do I use to setup my email on my computer or mobile device?

    NetAccess has several different email servers and you may require our support to configure your device properly. Our standard settings are as follows:
    Your full email address is your Username. (i.e. myname@mydomain.com)
    The Hostname is always in this format: mail.mydomain.com
    Disable SSL for both incoming and outgoing mail settings
    Some of our mail servers require outgoing authentication, which need to have your username (full email address) and password re-entered. Try setting up your email with or without outgoing authentication to find the setting that matches our server.
    Should you prefer any assistance, please contact our support team by phone: 905-524-2001.

  • How can I check when my domain expires?

    You can review all the details of a domain’s status and important dates and contacts by searching here: http://www.netaccess.ca/domain-whois

  • What is the link for me to manage my domain settings?

    You can manage your domain registration details from any browser by visiting: https://manage.opensrs.net/
    Please note, you may need to reset your password – it will prompt after one failed login attempt.

  • How do I access the NetAccess customer portal?

    You can access our customer portal to review your account details, current services, invoices and billing details from any browser by visiting: https://my.netaccess.ca
    Please note, your username and password can be provided by calling our support team at 905-524-2001.

  • What are the DNS servers I should use?

    You can choose to manually configure your DNS servers to the following:

  • How do I make an online payment and print a receipt?

    You can watch this short video guide to making payments online through our customer portal:

  • How do I access my spam quarantine inbox?

    You can access your spam quarantine inbox from any browser by visiting: http://ms1.nas.net:8000/
    Please note, you may need to create a new password.

  • How can I check my internet speeds?

    You can check your real time internet speeds from any browser here.

  • How to I setup my Emergency 911?

    1. Log into the portal with your username and password provided (figure #1)

    2. Use the E911 Management Link from the main screen (figure #2)

    3. (figure #3) Find the DID that you want to set the E911 service information with (step 1), then either select a service address or manually input the service address details (step 2), Turn E911 on or off with the drop down (step 3), then press the Update Address button (step 4) to either turn it on or off.

    General Terms and Conditions and DPS Service Details

    (figure #1) – customer portal login screen

    (figure #2) – E911 Management

    (figure #3) – 4 steps to managing E911 Service Address details

  • I’m experiencing call quality issues (poor quality, crackling, robotic voices, dropped calls etc.)

    There are many factors to consider in addressing call quality issues, please fill out a support ticket and be sure to include a detailed description of your issue.