How do I set my Day and Night mode

This feature enables designated users (usually the company operator or receptionist) to override the normal routing of calls based on the time of day. For example, the system may be configured to direct calls during office hours directly to the receptionist and to route calls to voice menu after hours. Using the day/night control, the receptionist can override this time settings and force all calls to follow the setting as if the office were closed. This override is usually used if the receptionist needs to be away unexpectedly or if the office needs to close due to poor weather.

Enable night mode

  • The system starts in day (or “office open” mode). To switch to night mode, dial the “Day/Night” feature code (”*280”)
  • The system will play two beeps and speak the name of the day/night control (“Day Reception 0 disabled”) to confirm the change. Hang up.

All incoming callers will now be directed using the office-is-closed call handling procedure.

Disable night mode (go back to day mode)

  • If the system was switched to night mode previously, dial the “Day/Night” feature code (”*280”) to switch back to day mode
  • The system will play one beep and speak the name of the day/night control to confirm the change (“Day Reception 0 enabled”). Hang up.

All callers will now be handled using normal incoming time condition handling.

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