How do I troubleshoot my Cable Internet connection?

You can start to troubleshoot your Cable Internet connection by investigating the lights on the modem. There are several types of modems we use, but most have the same lights.

If your Power light is not on, your modem may be unplugged or damaged. Please check that your modem is plugged in to a known good power outlet. If the problem persists, please contact our support department.

if the DS or US light is flashing, there may be a problem with the modem reaching our equipment on the street. If your COAX cable is connected correctly, please contact our support department.

If the ONLINE light is flashing, your modem is communicating to the equipment on the street, but not to our datacenter. Please contact our support department.

Most of our modem are connected to a router. One of the LAN ports should be on or flashing. If no LAN lights are flashing, please check to make sure all ethernet cables are connected, and your router is online.

If your modem is an integrated modem/router, you should have either a LAN light, or a Wireless 2.4/5GHz light on. If none are on, you may have a provisioning issue. Please contact our support department.

Things to try

Power cycle the modem. Unplug the power for 5 minutes before reconnecting. This gives the equipment on the street enough time to see you are offline before you try to connect again. If your COAX cable is connected to a splitter before entering the wall, please bypass the splitter. If your COAX is bent at either end, it may be damaged in the connector.

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