How do I troubleshoot my DSL connection?

You can troubleshoot your DSL service by investigating the lights on the front of the modem.

If your Power light is off, your modem may be unplugged or damage. Confirm the power is on, then contact our support team for a replacement modem.

If your DSL light is off, the modem is unable to communicate with the equipment on the street. Verify the phone line is connected the modem and at the wall. If there are any new additions to your phone wiring such as fax machines and alarms systems, try to disconnect them.

If your DSL light is flashing, your modem is attempting to communicate with the equipment on the street. The light will either go solid, which means functional, or will turn off. If the light turns off, see the step above.

If your DSL light is solid, your internet service should be online. If you are unable to connect, verify how you are connecting to the modem. If you are wired to the mode, you should expect to see one of the LAN lights illuminated. If you don’t see a LAN light illuminated, check all internal connections. The modem may often times be wired to your router directly, and you may need to troubleshoot that next.

If your WAN light is flashing, that means your modem is operating correctly in router mode. If you have another router at your location, try to plug your computer directly in to the modem to test the connection.

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