How do I use call parking?

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This feature allows an incoming call to be parked and then picked up by any other extension. This is an alternative to transferring a call directly to a particular extensions. Some organizations prefer to park the incoming call and make a general page asking the desired person to pick up the call from wherever they are in the building using whatever phone is closest to them.

To park a call #

  • Answer the call
  • The caller indicates they would like to be transferred to someone else


  • Do a blind transfer of the caller to the “Parking” feature code (press the Transfer key, wait for the dial tone, then dial ”700”) while still on the call
  • The caller will be switched to on-hold music and placed in the first available parking slot (by default, there are eight slots, numbered 701 to 708)
  • The parking slot into which the caller was placed will be announced to you (this will be parking slot 701, unless other calls are already parked)
  • Press the transfer key and ask the desired person (usually through an “All Staff” page) to pick up the call on parking slot 701

By default, there is a parking lot timeout of 90 seconds. If the parked call is not picked up in that time, the caller will be connected back to the configured destination for orphaned parked calls – usually this is the designated company operator or receptionist.

To pick up a parked call

  • Dial the desired parking lot slot (e.g. dial ”701”) from any extension
  • You will immediately be connected to the parked caller

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