How to change your Email Password

To change your email, you can access your control panel by going to in your browser.

If this doesn’t work you it may be because your domain hasn’t been migrated to our new hosting environment and you are on a legacy server. If this is the case you can contact our support team and ask to push your migration ahead to get the improved email control features. Migrations are underway and being done one domain at a time as we also audit settings, configuration and billing.

Going to should bring up a page like this. If you have an SSL error, it just means that the SSL certificate isn’t matching the domain you used and you don’t have a dedicated SSL certificate in your domain name. You can accept and go to the web site.

Email Management Login Screen

Log in with your email and email password.

Once you log in you have some options:

My Profile in the left hand menu has the areas to change your password and update your account details.

Email Password Change

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