My DSL service is slow

Please review these troubleshooting steps if you experience slower than expected download and/or upload speeds on your line. Speed degradation can be caused by varying factors, so complete and thorough troubleshooting is required for resolution.

  1. “Powercycle” your modem. This is done by unplugging the power from the back of your modem for 1 minute. Reboot / restart your computer (and router, if applicable)
  2. Ensure that all devices **except** your modem (phones, answering machines etc.) that plug into you home phone jacks are connected with DSL Line filters.
    Alternately, disconnect all devices except the modem to determine if the problem may be with one of the filters, devices or other telephone jacks. If this is done, power-cycle the modem again as outlined in step #1.
  3. Are you using the provided hardware and cabling? Please ensure the phone cable connected to the modem is no longer than 6 feet in length.
  4. Do you have an alarm system connected to the same line as the DSL Internet service? If so, does it have a DSL filter installed (often a special filter from the alarm system manufacturer will be required).
  5. If you are sharing this connection with other computers / devices, please ensure that the other devices are completely powered off
  6. Test for resolution: Check your speed immediately after rebooting. Ensure that no other applications are running (updates, p2p downloads, anti-virus etc.)
  7. Check your speed at
  8. If the issue persists, continue troubleshooting below.
  9. If you are using a router/firewall/switch, Please remove it and test with a “stand-alone” setup. This is done by connecting a single computer directly to your modem.
  10. Test for resolution – refer to step 6.
    If better speeds are obtained with a “stand-alone” configuration this indicates that there may be an issue with the equipment that was removed. We strongly recommend troubleshooting with the hardware vendor for your router/firewall/switch. Otherwise, please continue with the below steps.
  11. Try temporarily disabling any Security software and test for resolution again (see step 6).
  12. Try replacing the phone cable between the phone jack and the modem.

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