A big thanks out to Simply Italian Bakery for hosting our NAS Café tech talk video this past week.

You can watch the full video on YouTube where Dominic and Dan discussed:

  • With the advent of the Windows 11 TPM chip enhancement (TPM is Trusted Platform Module), windows has implemented a new security feature that tied hardware to the operating system. Many machines used in business today do not have this hardware component. If the TPM chip is missing, a hardware change might be required. In some servers, additional modules can be purchased without having to scrap entire servers, but does require a hardware add and modifying the BIOS settings in order to activate a TMP module.
  • Many Firewalls over the course of the Pandemic have become outdated, and often neglected. Not every IT person is network security focused, it in fact is a dedicated skillset that takes years to stay ahead of the changes in technology. The Firewall is the edge protector of the unwanted attacks, in between the public Internet and private LAN networks.  Don’t let these devices become neglected!
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a necessary 2nd step of authenticating. It provides a means to have a human provide a log in. The recent UBER Hack (https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/15/technology/uber-hacking-breach.html) exposes a couple of weaknesses and 2FA and Security Awareness Training would be measured steps to try and stay ahead of these risks.
  • Last, how employees are your last line of defense. Arm them with Security Awareness Training and mitigate the largest security risk.


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