When it comes to technology, corporate decision-makers primarily want to know that it’s in place and functioning– unless there’s a price tag attached to it. At that point, IT teams are often put to the task of selling the value of products and services to the management team, and in the case of ransomware protection, the list of benefits is endless.

For starters, a ransomware attack is far more costly to recover from than it is to prevent. Combine that fact with the statistics* below, and it’s clear to see why a ransomware protection strategy is essential for any management team to mobilize.

  • 71% of businesses who are targeted by ransomware end up infected
  • 72% of businesses who have been infected lost their data for 2 (or more) days
  • Nearly half of all ransomware attacks infect at least 20 employees
  • The average ransom demand is now $1,077
  • 1 in 5 businesses that paid ransom this year have never gotten their files back
  • Nearly two thirds of ransomware attacks in early 2017 were as a result of remote desktop protocol
  • Windows environments are the preferred target of ransomware attacks
  • Global ransomware damages are expected to exceed $5B in 2017

At NAS, we offer a number of cost-efficient solutions to prevent ransomware attacks, including easy-to-use backup software and appliances. To learn more about these and other NAS business solutions, please contact our sales team at 905-524-2001 or info@netaccess.ca.

* Source: https://blog.barkly.com/ransomware-statistics-2017

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