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Comprehensive MSP Topics
Comprehensive MSP Topics

It’s no question that over the years, IT (Information Technology) has become more and more challenging. This is due to the increased need for businesses to compete using effective technological tools to remain competitive, and maintain clients.

On top of this, there are rising threats, risks of business interruption and the complexities of integrating multiple locations. The silent killer one of our customers called it, referring to the lack of collaboration between multiple offices as the net result of the lack of network integration.

At NetAccess (NAS), we aim to be your choice solutions partner. We have a long history of listening to business needs and formulating a solutions around those needs. This is often the reverse of what we see out there, where businesses are shoved into technology boxes. We tackle all all mentioned challenges and help your business grow with ease.

Whether it is dealing with ‘finger pointers’ with multiple vendors, or security concerns, compliance, poor collaboration and or cost containment, having a managed network may be the solution for you.

Here are some common use cases for a managed network:

  • Downtime is too costly
  • Poor collaboration between sites is our silent killer
  • Keeping my data safe is my biggest concern
  • My IT costs are too high (hardware, software and/or staffing)
  • The network is too slow and we are losing valuable time

Have you asked yourself what the impact to your organization is if you are offline for an hour, a day, or 2 or 3? In Canada our TelCos and CableCos are CTRC regulated and a 48 hour repair time. It isn’t uncommon to have a situation where downtime is longer than 48 hours. Could you last a 2 or 3 day outage?

Poor Collaboration
The silent killer is the erosion of culture between organizations where ‘us’ and ‘them’ headlines make the Company chat channels. Inefficiencies creep into processes and customers suffer.

Data Security
The complexities of running a tight security implementation across multiple locations is considerable; especially when the IT support team is only in one location and can’t visually see what is going on at the remote locations.

IT Costs
Unfortunately many inexperienced IT staff are just that, unexperienced. Applications running over VPN, WANs and remote access systems have unique challenges and the underlying network is often given the last consideration, or worse, the IT team just throws more bandwidth at the problem. Careful analysis can pinpoint exactly what application bottlenecks exist and what can be done about it. There is no black magic here.

Network Congestion
This is very misunderstood and the ‘throw more bandwidth at it’ is often the proposed solution. These just drive up costs. Root cause analysis is required to sort out bottlenecks and often can be tackled with proven strategies for optimizing traffic, or by relocating essential services into a central datacenter with ample bandwidth, and reduce the demand for large bandwidth pipes at HQ and remote locations.

Professional Solutions Team
Professional Solutions Team

There is a solution, Managed Networks

These are where the benefits of a managed network come to the surface.  This is where the case for leveraging a Datacenter for colocation space may be a solution for you as well. At NAS, we manage many networks for clients, managing bandwidth, security, performance and work with the business needs. Strategy drives structure, not the other way around.

A proven approach is to have multiple connections into 2 different datacenters, often using wired and wireless technologies. Downtime can be reduced dramatically with automatic failover. Migrating core services into a datacenter reduces the need for multiple-site higher bandwidth capacities and often reduces costs. The added benefit of being able to centrally manage security and improve application over a managed network will also improve other network, data and communication services and ultimately improve overall business collaboration.

Consider the chart below, as your business grows, each of these stages become increasingly necessary.  We are here to help partner with your business and provide appropriate and cost effective technological solutions to ensure your business success and tackle these issues that typically face most businesses.

Scales of MSP Engagement and Grades of Piece of Mind
Scales of MSP Engagement and Grades of Piece of Mind

The ultimate goal would be to have an affordable, fully redundant, centrally managed and secure, disaster proof IT infrastructure where you no longer have to worry about any of it and can focus on being successful in your business.

Why not get in touch with us, we would be ecstatic to help another business elevate their success. This is what motivates us and would make our day!

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