What inspired this blog post was that we came across a local business’ website and on it was a message that they lost their database and as a result lost their scheduled appointment database and that all appointments had to be cancelled. They asked their customers to please call back in to book one. This means that they lost the client database. We are aghast to imagine the impact to this business.

How organized is your IT?
How organized is your IT?

When it comes to managing IT, manufacturing companies like any business have a lot to consider. The NetAccess Way approach is getting a lot of attention these days, and it’s easy to see why, especially when you compare it to the old-school, wait-till-it-breaks model. Here’s why more businesses and manufacturers are going with NetAccess for their IT management:

It’s All About Being Proactive: Instead of waiting for something to go wrong and then scrambling to fix it (which is what happens in the break-fix model), The NetAccess Way is about stopping problems before they start. This means less downtime and fewer headaches for everyone.

IT that Matches Your Business Goals: The NetAccess Way makes sure your IT setup really supports what your company is trying to achieve. Every tech decision is made with your business goals in mind, which is super important for staying ahead in today’s competitive market. IT decisions need both technology and strategic business input, and NetAccess delivers.

Predictable Costs: No one likes surprise expenses, and the break-fix model is full of them. You never know when something will break and how much it will cost to fix. The NetAccess Way MSP Program works with a set billing cycle, so you know what you’re spending on IT each month, making budgeting a whole lot easier. New projects are kept separate and quoted and signed-off on before any work begins.

Keeping Things Secure: These days, cyber threats are a big deal, and just reacting to problems isn’t enough. The NetAccess Way is all about staying ahead of these threats to keep your company’s data safe. This is crucial, especially when you’re handling sensitive or proprietary information.

Concentrate on What You Do Best: With NetAccess, you’re handing off the IT stress to the experts. This means you and your team can focus on the core parts of your business, like making great products and keeping your customers happy. Minimize stress and maximize success!

So, in plain terms, NetAccess helps businesses keep their IT running smoothly, align tech with business goals, manage costs better, stay secure, and let everyone focus on their main job. It’s a solid choice for any company that wants to get serious about their IT game without the drama of the break-fix chaos.

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