NAS Café – tech soup over tea and coffee

Building off the success of our tech talks, we have started a new series touching on technical topics that business and their teams should keep on top of mind. Just managing software and hardware can be complicated as it is (or simple) but throw in external factors, security risks, cloud vulnerabilities and changes in network topologies, it can be a chore staying on top of these topics.

The team at NAS has been dealing with IT for 30 years now, and have learned some standard best practices, tips and focus strategies along the way. Some of these are shared over a cup of coffee and are being shared to promote best practices and to help draw some awareness to topics that should be top of mind.

We hope you enjoy these, a little fun and learning at the same time!

Ep 3 – NAS Café – Have you considered these cloud vulnerabilities?  

Today we’re down at #hamont very own Innovation Factory, talking about some new attack vectors that hackers using ransomware for. Did you know about these new hacker threats? Also anyone using cloud SaaS, software as a service, here are some cloud vulnerabilities to consider when choosing SaaS over IaaS. Infrastructure, or even dedicated hardware has some weight in today’s IT management solutions.

A special thanks to Innovation Factory for hosting us. Innovation Factory, since 2011, is a business accelerator, dedicated to helping Ontario-based businesses launch, scale, and succeed. They provide start-ups, and scaling companies with advisory services, training, mentorship, and strategic connections to help bring disruptive technologies to market, leverage intellectual property, increase revenues, attract investment and create jobs.

NAS Café – What are we focusing on? Security: Win11, Firewalls, 2FA, Security Awareness

Dan and Dominic from NetAccess having a tech chat over Coffee and Tea discussing some focus points in security related to Windows 11, Firewalls and Network Security, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) and Security Awareness Training. A big thanks to Simply Italian Bakery for hosting us for this chat! Cafe Americano and Tea was great!

NAS Café – Experiences with Provider vs Partner

Dan and Dominic from NetAccess having a tech chat over Coffee and Tea discussing some differentiators between providers vs partners. NetAccess Systems Inc.