NAS November 2022 Winter Update

NAS November Update

In advance of our winter season, we wanted to thank-you again for your business and hope that everyone keeps warm and cozy this winter season. In this winter update:

• Cloud Update
• April 2022 Price Adjustment for some Bundled Services
• Continued Audits
• Christmas Holiday Brownout and Office Hours
• NAS Café YouTube

Cloud Update

We wanted to update everyone that the NAS private cloud environment update over the summer has been completed successfully, all systems and servers in our public and private cloud systems were updated to address TLS security issues and additional nodes were added in to increase capacity and redundancy. Our NOC team also increased the network segments to 40GB to provide faster data access for virtual machines in the cloud.

The NAS MSP Team has enabled some AI automated management of servers the team is managing in our cloud. It’s creating a more efficient operating environment for clients that are taking advantage of our MSP team and cloud environment. This is now maintaining a higher level of service for these virtual machines.

April 2022 Price Adjustment for some Bundled Services

Earlier this year (April), we announced that some services would have a price change in relation to external vendors such as Microsoft issuing price increases. As NAS has many legacy services, some of these parts were bundled into a main service. For example, IP addresses price have increased, but some wireless and wired services had IP Blocks bundled in. We have been separating these out where applicable to show the component price and reduced the primary service by that amount. Depending on what was applicable, either no change was made, or the April price adjustment was made. In some cases the produce was missing so it was added.

Continued Audits

To get ready for our internal systems and billing upgrades, we have worked through audits on services such as E911 and Voice Services. We have removed some external vendor services that were not needed or identified these more clearly on your invoice. Where we knew they were not necessary we removed these service from billing and reduced your costs.

Some services like E911 may have been bundled in we are separating these to make it easier to see if you need the quantities. For example, working from home has potentially increased the number of E911s required should someone dial 911 from remote phone, an E911 entry is required to be updated for that location. If all phones are at a central location usually only 1 E911 service is needed (even if you have multiple lines). Can you can review these these at under E911 Management in the ‘Useful Links’ MENU.

Christmas Holiday Brownout and Office Hours

This year we will have our network brownout from December 18, 2022 through to January 3, 2023. We can receive orders during this time, however implementation will be scheduled in 2023.

Our office hours this Christmas Holiday:

Dec 23 – Open 9AM to 12PM
Dec 26 – Closed
Dec 27 – Closed
Dec 28 – Open
Dec 29 – Open
Dec 30 – Open 9AM to 3PM
Jan 2 – Closed

NAS Café

On the NAS YouTube Channel, we are drawing attention to some new content series that is an evolution of our tech talks. The most recent episode can be reached at where we chat over coffee and tea about some potential cloud threats. This video series of technical subjects are aiming to draw attention to technology management, best-practices, ransomware and other security topics that should be on the mind of IT and technology managers. We hope that you find these interesting and as valuable as our tech talk lunch and learns.

Thank-you and we wish you the best over the winter!


Dan Nedoborski, CEO
NetAccess Systems Inc,