Blog Post: Wireless Pioneering

If have seen this #tech pic before, it’s because he’s been around a very long time, since 2009. But not as long as NetAccess we’ve been working with #wireless fixed broadband since 1999.

When Motorola first came out with the Canopy series, it was with good timing as we were looking for a business class service delivery platform to service the last mile. There were and still are many areas of the Greater Golden Horseshoe that are under serviced, and the larger incumbents pay a lot of lip service.

We’ve slowly been expanding our wireless coverage to now include over 6500 square kilometers from Hamilton to St Catharines, Brantford, Milton and Mississauga. We started on the Motorola line due to their CDMA and time-slicing which we realized early on was far superior to 802.11 Wi-Fi. Today, we have deployed many high-speed broadband links and have speeds up to gigabit on wireless. In fact, we are coupling wireless with wired services to offer the best of breed high availability and redundancy solutions for business.

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