Creating a Digital Vision and Winning Business Strategy
May 10

Date and Time
Thursday, May 10th, 2018
11:30am – 1:00pm

21 King St W
Suite 1500 – NAS Training Lounge
Hamilton, ON

Seminar Presentation: Creating a Digital Vision and Winning Business Strategy – “Mission success in the presence of uncertainty”
Companies face significant risk from all directions that threaten the success of their mission. Learning to succeed in the presence of uncertainty is essential for companies to compete in today’s markets which are characterized by rapid change, digital transformation, and disruptive forces. Your approach to risk will determine whether or not you succeed. The first step is to understand what risk is as this, too, has changed. This presentation explores the new definition for risk along with strategies you can apply in your business to increase the certainty of achieving your mission.

Speaker Bio:

Raimund Laqua, PMP, P.Eng. is founder and Chief Compliance Engineer at Lean Compliance Consulting, Inc. His focus is helping ethical, ambitious companies in highly-regulated, high-risk industries improve their compliance specifically: safety & security, quality, regulatory and environmental programs.

Raimund began his career working for a semiconductor manufacturer in Burlington, Ontario (Gennum). Starting as a test-systems engineer he modernized their production testing and developed an integrated statistical process control and quality systems based on Oracle and Unix systems.  He later took on the role of managing and directing IT strategy, engineering CAD, along with ERP management systems.

Raimund has consulted for over 25 years applying his technical knowledge and strategic approach to advance critical processes across: oil & gas, energy, pharmaceutical, medical device, government, and technology start-ups.

Clients past and present include: Enbridge, Explorer Pipeline, Johnson and Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, Medrad/Possis Medical, Argonne National Labs, Siemens, PQ Corp., Accelor Mittal/Dofasco, and DOE Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

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