Event: Staying Agile in a World of IoT Devices – Dec 10


New Economy Network Event – Hamilton Chapter

Staying Agile in a World of IoT Devices


Today’s professional climate is equipped with global connectivity and big data analytics, making it seem like your business needs to invest in multi-million dollar systems to stay relevant. However, working with a team of knowledgeable and skilled engineers is the first step to futureproofing your organization.

To get the most out of IoT technology, CENG Tech implements Agile Hardware Development, a method for increasing the chances of finding out of the box solutions by using cross functional, fast moving teams. Developers work in short sprints with smaller deliverables and aren’t bogged down with intense planning sessions that can hinder big ideas and necessary pivots.

In our talk, we’ll cover how connected devices can:

  • Help with real time data analysis,
  • Improve resource and raw material management,
  • Avoid costly, operational disruptions, and
  • Upgrade and improve existing hardware through retrofitting.

We’ll also cover some of CENG’s proto-types and implementations of Agile Hardware Development that were combined with IoT technology to:

  • Increase productivity,
  • Shorten lead times, and·
  • Increase product quality.

SPEAKER BIO – Colin Gagich

Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario, Colin Gagich graduated from McMaster University’s Engineering program while freelancing and growing his Technology Consulting business, CENG Technologies Inc, in his hometown. His interest in tinkering and knack for building custom electronic devices led him to hardware and software development during and after his schooling.

As a team member and major contributor to popular projects such as Hitchbot, the hitchhiking robot who travelled across Canada, Colin was exposed to multifunctional, large scale projects early in his career. At CENG Technologies, Colin has procured an impressive variety of clients, ranging from Commercial Airline products deployed in over 60 airports worldwide, to IESO compliant solar and wind farms, a global location accessibility and community application, and even consulting on a floating AI robot that assists astronauts in space.

CENG Technologies has been recognized as one of Hamilton’s 40 fastest growing companies for several years running, a trend Colin plans to continue.

See https://cengtech.com/ for more detail

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