Digital Transformation – Changing the Way We Do Business
Apr. 12

Date and Time
Thursday, April 12th, 2018
11:30am – 1:00pm

Innovation Factory
175 Longwood Road South
Hamilton, ON

Seminar Presentation: Digital Transformation – Changing the Way We Do Business

The world has changed. The things that used to set companies apart such as economies of scale, distribution strength, and brand are far less critical now than they used to be. Why? Because digital technology has fundamentally changed two things: the dynamics of the markets in which business operates and the speed of change that business must now deal with to remain competitive. This seminar series is designed to help business owners and executives, as well as IT managers, understand and navigate the world of digital transformation at the intersection of technology and business in order to have their business survive and thrive in the rapidly changing world of digital transformation.

Speaker Bio:

David Carter is Executive Director of the Innovation Factory (iF) in Hamilton. IF is a not-for-profit organization that helps startups and businesses commercialize their innovations. Prior to joining iF, David was CTO and Co-founder of Awareness Inc. His company raised 20 million in venture capital and worked with brands like New York Times, Major League Baseball, Sony Pictures and McDonalds.

David will tell you his sweet spot is where technology, sales, and marketing intersect. He is quick to warn that technology alone does not ever solve the problem. During the 90’s David worked for Microsoft and saw the arrival of graphical computing, smartphones, tablets and the Internet. He left Microsoft in 2001 to begin his first start-up. David sees innovation and disruption through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

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