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One of the things we pride ourselves about at NetAccess is that we try very hard to be the ear of our clients. Our clients are telling us that it isn’t easy all the time, especially when there is a lot of concern over business, processes and sales revenue during a Pandemic like we find ourselves in. Often there is a lot of noise to filter through. Technology changes at a rapid pace. The security landscape is a moving target. But listening to our clients is a major differentiator of being a customer of NetAccess vs other organizations. Clients that want to engage us, we try to take the time to get to the root understanding to be able to provide an appropriate and budget friendly solution. Our collective industry experience spans generations in terms of technology changes since our inception in 1993.

Right now, we know that many businesses are challenged on a number of fronts, especially customers with legacy connections that are trying to work remotely. As remote employees are trying to access servers and databases at the office, the upload component of the connection is becoming a bottleneck.  We know that some customers have been hit with financial decline and are looking for ways to reduce expenses. We often can find and offer hybrid solutions that might hit a few business needs and be more cost effective. Businesses are taking advantage of our datacenter infrastructure to reduce costs and increase performance. We know that no 2 businesses are exactly alike, and a conversation goes a long way. We welcome an open engagement to any client, new or existing. We have been around almost 30 years now, and we’re glad to be part of your continued success. We believe strongly in our local community.

Please reach out to us and let us assess and review with you, we would be more than happy to help improve services, be part of your success and resilience.

What we do at NAS? Why are we different? One of the things we try to challenge ourselves to is to keep asking questions. The more questions we ask the closer we get to what the root cause or reason is that there might be a need. Often things are working ok and a conversation brings up some things that our customers might not have considered. We try to bring our experience working with thousands of clients to you. We find that many customers do not know what to ask exactly and we draw upon our experience to find the right questions to flush out the true need. When our NAS team works with a multitude of customers and different scenarios, we have a lot of background to pull from in figuring out recommended solutions or approaches to problems our clients bring to us.

We also spend a considerable amount of time and resources monitoring our network segments and equipment all the way down to the final piece of equipment that lies inside our client’s location. We collect stats, look for anomalies and review trend reports. Planning is a constant process to ensure that managed clients that have increasing (or decreasing) demands on network resources have matching infrastructure when and in-time when they need it.

We asked our customers why they buy from us, and in the top 3 of pretty much every customer’s answers was the fact that we are local, maintain a local presence and support the communities we are in. Our customers like the fact that we don’t send our calls to India or some other country. Your data is in our data centers in Hamilton and Toronto. Our trained technicians are working out of our office in downtown Hamilton. We are employing local talent and we work with specialized contractors from our area. We house our own datacenter in downtown Hamilton that has dual power grids and a full 2N* design for core infrastructure. We offer our customers geographically diverse network resilience between wired and wireless infrastructure at our Toronto and Hamilton datacenters. We have a team of people with varied skills that our customers rely on to be part of their IT decision making.

An important part of NAS is the fact that we own much of our own infrastructure. The core datacenter is in our facilities, we cover 6500 square km of wireless service from St Catharine’s to Toronto around the great golden horseshoe. We have over 30 points of presence from which we offer direct connection into our datacenters and beyond. We are carrier agnostic and interconnect with telco, hydro and cableco and can provide a mixed network delivery across media and platforms to bring unique best of breed solutions to our clients that take advantage of us, our datacenters or popular online software.

We are not just an ISP any more. The ISP is a component in our repertoire of tools. We are a team of individuals that are empowering our clients to achieve success through the smart use of technology. Creative solutions that empower business.

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Thank-you for taking the time to read and touch on a few brief points about our Company. We’re glad to be local, to serve our communities and continue to be part of our client’s successes. We would love to be part of yours.

2N Definition

2N refers to a fully redundant, mirrored system with two independent distribution systems. They are not connected in any way and are not dependent on each other. Using power as an example, this means that even if one power source has an interruption or loss of power, the other should still supply power and accommodate full load, thereby eliminating any potential downtime from the loss of one side or leg of the system. –

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