Helping our clients transform the way they do business

We are a team of professionals and experts who can serve as your trusted advisers in forming part of your business IT strategy. Through a consultative approach, our team designs and implements highly customizable technology and business continuity solutions so that outages will not affect our clients’ business. Rather than treat symptoms, we make sure that root-cause fixes are put in place to solve problems at their source. In this way, our clients can take advantage of our team’s expertise to improve the reliability and performance of their IT systems that support critical business needs.

Virtual IT Solutions – Managed Professional Services

Modern computer networks require regular, ongoing maintenance to ensure they remain secure and reliable. Often, important maintenance is delayed or skipped entirely due to specific technical challenges, day-to-day pressures, and time constraints on in-house IT personnel. Our team of technicians can provide complete management of client networks, including patch management, software upgrades, backup and recovery testing, anti-virus management, and proactive checks of logs and services to ensure systems are running at their full potential.

Installing new systems or upgrading existing servers, networks, or applications can be time consuming and challenging. Our experienced IT consultants can help clients with planning, purchasing, and implementing new IT solutions, ensuring the right systems are designed and installed on time and on budget.

Professional IT Management
Professional IT Management
Compliance and Auditing

Compliance and Auditing

Engaging in regular auditing conducted by our Managed Service Provider (MSP) program proves instrumental in ensuring compliance with various regulatory frameworks and addressing critical aspects of cybersecurity.

For instance, regarding the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), our thorough audits help organizations align their data protection practices with the legislation’s requirements, safeguarding the privacy of individuals’ information.

In the realm of security breaches, our auditing protocols act as a preemptive measure, identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats before they can be exploited, thereby fortifying the overall security posture.

For Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, our audits meticulously assess and validate adherence to industry standards, minimizing the risk of data breaches and ensuring the secure processing of payment information.

Our comprehensive Network Assessments evaluate the robustness of IT infrastructure, addressing potential weaknesses and optimizing network performance.

Furthermore, specialized assessments, such as those focused on Social Engineering, enable organizations to proactively fortify defenses against human-centric threats, enhancing overall cybersecurity resilience.

Through these multifaceted auditing practices, our MSP program empowers organizations to not only meet compliance requirements but also to fortify their cybersecurity defenses comprehensively.

Solution Design and System Integration

Finding the right I.T. solution for your needs is tricky business.  Navigating multiple vendors in both hardware and software and ensuring a validated design is costly and time consuming. 

At NetAccess, we have assembled a team of industry experts spanning multiple vertical to make these complex solution design decisions a breeze.

NetAccess is uniquely positioned as a system integrator partner for your business with the ability to integrate cross industry solutions for a truly converged technology approach. 

We specialize in integrating advanced networks with multi-cloud solutions, data protection, disaster recovery, security, communication, and collaboration with ease of use and readily supported validated designs.

Solution Design and System Integration

Who are our NAS IT Solutions best suited for?

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Businesses with 10+ employees

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Businesses without current in-house IT support

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Businesses with resource or knowledge gaps in their existing IT departments

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Those concerned they might be spending too much on IT

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Those needing help leveraging technology to reduce overhead costs and improve productivity

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Companies uncertain about their business continuity planning and readiness

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Access to an entire team of experienced and certified professionals.

Seamless integration with existing IT resources and staff.

  • A consultative approach: we take time to understand our clients’ businesses, and design and implement root-cause fixes or business continuity solutions to address their needs
  • A proactive approach: We strive to be first responders, by knowing about and advising on problems before our clients come to know about them
  • A team approach: Clients gain access to our entire team of experienced and certified professionals
  • A scheduled approach: we schedule all required service activities so nothing is missed
  • A collaborative approach: we work seamlessly alongside existing IT staff
  • A monitored approach: 24x7 monitoring and support for all customer equipment
  • An integrated approach: solutions are supported by our own infrastructure, eliminating the need for third party involvement when it comes to identifying and resolving issues
  • An economic approach: our clients enjoy increased savings, thanks to stabilized IT costs and reduced downtime