A consultative approach to deliver the right solution.

Whether running a single server or a complex, multi-site network, our critical monitoring and alarm response enables us to know about client issues before they do. We schedule and report on activities that IT traditionally doesn't get to. We perform work after business hours, or during periods of minimal customer impact. We routinely review and update checklists of critical systems. We also meet regularly with business owners and decision makers to review system and network performance and to be part of the ongoing IT and business growth strategies.


In today’s complex network environments, clients need to take a holistic approach to data protection – sometimes even rethinking the way data is stored, the way servers are configured, or how internal processes are performed. Whether protecting a single physical machine or a global network of virtual servers, our team has the experience and knowledge required to help configure, manage, and test backup and business continuity strategies.

Professional IT Management
Professional IT Management

Managed Professional

Modern computer networks require regular, ongoing maintenance to ensure they remain secure and reliable. Often, important maintenance is delayed or skipped entirely due to specific technical challenges, day-to-day pressures, and time constraints on in-house IT personnel. Our team of technicians can provide complete management of client networks, including patch management, software upgrades, backup and recovery testing, anti-virus management, and proactive checks of logs and services to ensure systems are running at their full potential.

Managed Networks
Managed Networks

Private Cloud
And Virtual Servers

The risks associated with critical business systems requires a considerable investment in power, cooling, and infrastructure to minimize downtime and the risks associated with an inadequate server environment. Many organizations take advantage of our private managed cloud and virtual servers to maximize ROI and performance while minimizing risks. Clients know exactly where their data is, and can access it as though their servers and business critical systems were right next to them.

Private Cloud & Virtual Servers

Who is NetPro
best suited for?

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Businesses with resource or knowledge gaps in their existing IT departments

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Businesses with 10 or more employees

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Businesses without current in-house IT support

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Companies uncertain about their business continuity planning and readiness

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Those who are concerned they might be spending too much on IT

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Access to an entire team of experienced and certified professionals.

Seamless integration with existing IT resources and staff.

  • A consultative approach: we take time to understand our clients’ businesses, and implement root-cause fixes and business continuity solutions.
  • A scheduled approach: we schedule all required service activities so nothing is missed.
  • A collaborative approach: 24x7 monitoring and support for all customer equipment.
  • A proactive approach: we strive to be first responders by advising on problems before our clients come to know about them.
  • An integrated approach: Solutions supported by private infrastructure, eliminating the need for third party involvement when identifying and resolving issues.
  • An economic approach: our clients enjoy increased savings, thanks to stabilized IT costs and reduced downtime.