Helping clients find the right connection to meet their needs and budget

Your foundation for seamless service and solutions Our suite of NetConnect services provides fast, reliable, and secure connectivity through: DSL; Cable & EoC; Fibre, and; Our independently owned wired and wireless Infrastructure

Helping clients find the right connection to meet their needs and budget

What exactly is carrier agnostic?

Being carrier agnostic means that we carrier interconnect our infrastructure with Canadian TelCos, CableCos and HydroCos to deliver seamless redundant networks with our own infrastructure. Being carrier agnostic and with our own multiple POPs (Points of Presence) on the Internet means we can cross connect with ANY carrier in the world to bring you connectivity that meets your needs.

Internet Solutions

Addressing the multifaceted challenges of modern network environments, our comprehensive approach to data protection spans reevaluating data storage, server configurations, and internal processes.

Whether safeguarding a single physical machine or a global network of virtual servers, we offer expertise in configuring, managing, and testing backup and business continuity strategies.

Through our NetPro remote monitoring system, we proactively detect errors or threats in servers, workstations, network devices, and services, mitigating the risk of unscheduled downtime.

Our focus on network security involves setting up varied access levels to protect client data from hacking and ransomware, reinforcing business continuity.

By employing robust firewalls, monitoring, and user access controls, our IT teams ensure a secure network environment, complemented by ongoing end-user education.

Leveraging multiple network backbone connections, core Cisco and IBM infrastructure, automated IP routing, firewalls, and Gigabit access, our datacenter solutions provide clients with enhanced visibility, reduced complexity, increased service availability, and minimized downtime.

Furthermore, our private managed cloud and virtual servers offer a strategic approach to mitigate risks associated with critical business systems, maximizing ROI and performance while providing clients with secure and accessible data storage.

Indoor and Outdoor Wireless

NetAccess offers a comprehensive solution for indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, tailored for any organization. With enterprise Wi-Fi access points and service provider routers, the network delivers wire-like performance while enhancing security and user experience. Wi-Fi 6 technology is readily available, ensuring faster speeds for immersive applications and increased device and IoT capacity in high-density environments. The high-density architecture minimizes total cost of ownership, and the integrated controller simplifies deployment. The network provides full visibility with end-to-end wireless troubleshooting, frictionless deployment, secure cloud capabilities, and detailed statistics and trending analysis. Leveraging extensive experience in wireless technology, NetAccess provides end-to-end services for Indoor & Outdoor Wireless, utilizing Wi-Fi and Point to Point wireless technology. Outdoor Wi-Fi solutions ensure consistent connectivity for various applications, offering extreme durability, simplified access management, and a multi-site cloud controller for diverse use cases in challenging conditions.

Advanced Network Architecture

NetAccess provides a robust suite of connectivity solutions designed to meet diverse business needs. The Redundant Connectivity offering encompasses Private Ethernet Services, supporting Point to Point, Point to MultiPoint, and Bridged connections through various mediums such as DSL, HSA, EoC, Wireless, and Fibre. The MPLS Service ensures secure, managed routing, data priority, and high availability, catering to a range of access requirements. The Fibre Wavelength Service boasts mixed protocol support, low latency, minimal jitter, and ultra-high speed capabilities. NetAccess also facilitates Cloud Connect services, allowing private interconnectivity to leading public clouds like Azure, Google, and AWS, ensuring seamless and secure integration with cloud-based resources. These comprehensive solutions underline NetAccess’s commitment to providing versatile and reliable connectivity options tailored to the evolving needs of businesses.

WSTAR Wireless Services

NAS utilizes Motorola/Cambium’s Broadband Wireless technologies to deliver high-speed symmetrical Internet connections to businesses using Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions. Carrier grade toughness with high performance, security, ease of use and scalability make it the best choice over all others. The system’s performance makes high demand technologies like voice over IP, video services, security surveillance, E1/T1 extension, and broadband Internet access both efficient and cost effective.

As NAS provides upgradable software, you’ll have no fear of your system ever becoming obsolete. We also provide timely troubleshooting and support services.

WSTAR coverage is roughly 6500 square kilometers in the greater golden horseshoe spanning from St Catharine’s to Brantford, Guelph, Milton and Mississauga.

Visit for details on the WSTAR Wireless Service.

Who is NetConnect best suited for?

Companies concerned about having reliable Internet access

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Medium to large-scale businesses with individual or multi-site needs

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Businesses that need support from an IT team that’s capable of integrating complex networks

Companies with remote VPN needs

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Those who require a reliable network and continuous uptime

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Access to an entire team of experienced and certified professionals.

Seamless integration with existing IT resources and staff.

  • No hidden fees to contend with
  • Dedicated bandwidth
  • Supported by our reliable team of experts, 24x7 service and support
  • A variety of connectivity options to choose from
  • Wired and wireless primary and backup with automatic failover options including cellular
  • Redundancy with 99.999% uptime
  • Remote VPNs
  • Custom Managed Solutions