NetAccess provides a robust suite of connectivity solutions designed to meet diverse business needs.

The Redundant Connectivity offering encompasses Private Ethernet Services, supporting Point to Point, Point to MultiPoint, and Bridged connections through various mediums such as DSL, HSA, EoC, Wireless, and Fibre.

The MPLS Service ensures secure, managed routing, data priority, and high availability, catering to a range of access requirements.

The Fibre Wavelength Service boasts mixed protocol support, low latency, minimal jitter, and ultra-high speed capabilities.

NetAccess also facilitates Cloud Connect services, allowing private interconnectivity to leading public clouds like Azure, Google, and AWS, ensuring seamless and secure integration with cloud-based resources.

These comprehensive solutions underline NetAccess’ commitment to providing versatile and reliable connectivity options tailored to the evolving needs of businesses.

Redundant Connectivity

NetAccess’s Redundant Connectivity ensures a resilient network by offering multiple data transmission options. Private Ethernet Services, including DSL, HSA, EoC, Wireless, and Fibre, provide versatile connections. MPLS Service prioritizes data and ensures secure routing. Fibre Wavelength Service supports mixed protocols with low latency and high speed. This suite minimizes disruptions and enhances network reliability.

Private Ethernet Service

NetAccess’s Private Ethernet Service is tailored to prioritize security and exclusivity in communication for businesses. Leveraging various mediums such as DSL, HSA, EoC, Wireless, and Fibre, this service not only offers versatile options like Point to Point, Point to MultiPoint, and Bridged connections but also ensures a heightened emphasis on data privacy and a resilient network infrastructure. By providing businesses with exclusive and secure connectivity, Private Ethernet Service addresses the need for confidentiality and reliability in their communication networks.

Point to Point – Point to MultiPoint – Bridged

NetAccess offers versatile connectivity solutions through Point to Point, Point to MultiPoint, and Bridged configurations. Point to Point connections establish a direct link between two locations, optimizing data transfer for dedicated communication. Point to MultiPoint allows one central location to communicate with multiple remote sites efficiently. Bridged connections seamlessly integrate separate networks, facilitating smooth communication between them. This trio of connectivity options provides businesses with the flexibility to tailor their network architecture, ensuring efficient and customized data transmission based on their specific needs.

DSL, HSA, EoC, Wireless, Fibre

NetAccess offers a range of connectivity options, each designed to cater to distinct business needs. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) utilizes existing telephone lines to provide broadband internet access, offering a cost-effective solution for businesses in areas with established phone infrastructure. HSA (High-Speed Access) refers to a versatile broadband service, often leveraging various technologies, to deliver high-speed internet access. EoC (Ethernet over Copper) utilizes copper cables to transmit data at higher speeds than traditional DSL. Wireless connectivity involves the use of radio signals to establish a network connection, offering flexibility in deployment. Fiber-optic technology, represented by Fibre, utilizes light signals transmitted through thin glass fibers, providing ultra-fast and reliable data transmission. These varied options ensure that NetAccess can tailor its connectivity solutions to meet the specific requirements of businesses, taking into account factors such as location, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

MPLS Service

NetAccess’ MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) Service is a robust solution designed to enhance network efficiency and performance for businesses. MPLS employs a label-switching technology that prioritizes and directs data packets along the most efficient paths, optimizing the flow of information within a network. This service ensures secure and managed routing, offering businesses the ability to prioritize data traffic based on specific requirements. By providing a reliable and flexible framework, NetAccess’ MPLS Service facilitates improved data prioritization, reduced latency, and heightened overall network performance, addressing the evolving connectivity needs of modern businesses.

Cloud Connect

NetAccess’ Cloud Connect service offers a seamless bridge between private networks and major public clouds such as Azure, Google, and AWS. Providing a secure and dedicated interconnectivity solution, this service ensures that businesses can easily integrate their private infrastructure with the resources and capabilities offered by leading cloud platforms. With a focus on privacy, reliability, and enhanced performance, Cloud Connect facilitates efficient data exchange and access to cloud-based services, allowing businesses to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while maintaining the security and control of their private network.


DSL – Digital Subscriber Line

EoC – Ethernet over Copper

HSA – High Speed Access (Dedicated DSL)

MPLS – Multiprotocol Label Switching