Indoor Wi-Fi

Enterprise Wi-Fi access points and service provider routers right-sized for any organization. ‘Wire-like’ performance with powerful edge services secure the network and enhance the user experience.

Wi-Fi 6 is ready today, offering faster speeds for immersive-experience applications and more device and IoT capacity for high-density environments.

  • High density architecture lowers total cost of ownership
  • Integrated controller simplifies deployment & architecture
  • Edge compute with integrated location services (no separate appliance)
  • Full Visibility Across the Network
  • Client End-to-End Wireless Troubleshooting
  • Frictionless Deployment
  • Power of Secure Cloud
  • Statistics and Trending

Wi-Fi Site Planning

Using our generations of experience in wireless technology, NetAccess is uniquely positioned to provide you an end to end service providing Indoor & Outdoor Wireless using Wi-Fi and Point to Point wireless technology.

XE3-4 Wi-Fi 6E Indoor Access Point
XE3-4 Wi-Fi 6E Indoor Access Point

cnWave 60 GHz V5000 Distribution Node
cnWave 60 GHz V5000 Distribution Node

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Our wireless technology reduces the complexity and cost of installation while delivering consistent connectivity for streaming video, uploading and downloading data, and connecting voice applications. Municipalities and event organizers are seeking solutions that provide great connectivity. Whether connecting a city square, an event venue, or a conference, people are able to get online quickly and their experience is consistently reliable.

  • Extreme Durability
  • Diverse use cases
  • Hardened for Extreme Conditions
  • Simplified Access Management
  • Multi-Site Cloud Controller