Discover the comprehensive suite of features offered by NetHost, designed to empower you in building, securing, and running your online presence seamlessly.

From website hosting to email management, NetHost provides an all-encompassing solution tailored to your needs, ensuring a satisfying and efficient online experience.

NetAccess Offers (since 1993):

  • DNS Only Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Standard Web and Email Hosting
  • PCI Compliant Web Hosting (and Networks)
  • Exchange and Microsoft 365 Hosting

Hosting up and available anytime


Navigate the realm of domains effortlessly with NetHost. Add and manage domains and subdomains, seamlessly moving them between subscriptions. Take control of your online identity by configuring DNS and DNSSEC settings. Our user-friendly interface makes registering your domain a straightforward process, fostering a sense of control and ownership over your digital space.


Embark on a journey of efficient communication with NetHost’s email management features. Access Horde and RoundCube webmail on Plesk for Linux/Windows, providing an intuitive interface for seamless interactions. Enjoy the convenience of automated Outlook and Thunderbird client setups with mail auto-discover and SNI support. With attention to detail and user-friendly functionality, NetHost ensures that your email experience is not only secure but also tailored to your individual preferences.

NAS Hosted Exchange

Elevate your business communication with NAS Hosted Exchange, where the heartbeat of successful organizations lies. From simplified collaboration to secure file sharing, email is at the core of your business operations. Our hosting service, including Microsoft 365 or dedicated Exchange, brings you the world’s #1 commercial email solution. Manage calendars effortlessly, delegate tasks seamlessly, and ensure the security of your email correspondence. With NetAccess, your journey to enhanced communication and collaboration begins, providing peace of mind and optimizing your daily workflow in our constantly connected culture.