Disaster Recovery

In the face of potential emergencies that could lead to data loss and unexpected downtime, crafting a well-defined plan becomes paramount. Prioritizing essential services, such as internet access, email, CRM, files, and printers, requires a careful assessment of acceptable downtime, data loss, and operational continuity.

This evaluation guides the determination of the Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Aligning with the industry-recognized 3-2-1 Backup Rule, NetAccess emphasizes the importance of maintaining three copies of data, with two stored locally and one stored remotely. Recognizing the diverse needs of server images, databases, applications, and file data, NetAccess tailors its backup strategy to ensure a fast, easy, and reliable recovery.

Minimize Stress... Maximize Success
Minimize Stress… Maximize Success

As businesses experience data growth, expansions, acquisitions, and compliance obligations, NetAccess factors in these dynamics to provide a comprehensive and future-proof data protection plan.

The 3-2-1 Rule extends beyond backups to encompass recovery points in time, catering to different data types and compliance needs.

The consideration of overheads, incidentals, and the ever-present threat of network service failures underscores NetAccess’s commitment to ensuring not only data protection but overall uptime.

By emphasizing system monitoring, alerting notifications, and the practice of restoring and disaster recovery, NetAccess ensures that clients are not only informed but well-prepared for any potential disruptions.

Additionally, the sizing of a backup solution is meticulously addressed, accounting for current usage, data growth, and retention policies, with a focus on scalability and efficiency over a planned period.

In conclusion, NetAccess’ approach to disaster recovery transcends mere data protection, embracing a holistic strategy that factors in the diverse and evolving needs of modern businesses. This comprehensive and proactive stance positions NetAccess as a trusted partner, ensuring the seamless operation and protection of critical business assets.