Rely on Our Trustworthy Surveillance Solutions

Whether you’re initiating a new surveillance system or enhancing an existing one, our team of specialists, installation experts, and technicians are equipped with the expertise to tailor a solution to your specific needs, timeline, and budget. Our integrated systems are strategically designed to position the right cameras in the optimal locations. From video surveillance systems for small businesses to enterprise-level solutions spanning multiple locations, we offer comprehensive support for layout design, installation, testing, maintenance, and both new and existing video surveillance systems.

Surveillance Solutions

M73 High Performance IoT Camera
M73 High Performance IoT Camera

Innovative Camera Solutions

Collaborating with industry leaders such as Cisco Meraki, Axis Communication, and Mobotix, we ensure your surveillance needs and budget constraints are met, irrespective of complexity. Our diverse range of specialty camera solutions includes the integration of analog and digital cameras, thermographic imaging, license plate recognition, AI-enhanced security, enhanced night vision, machine learning-based detection, people tracking, heat mapping, object detection, object classification, object tracking, virtual reality integration and playback, cloud archiving, API integration, system integration, video offload, and machine learning integration.

Milestone Partnership for Leading Surveillance Solutions

Through our partnership with Milestone Systems, NetAccess delivers industry-leading integrated surveillance solutions.

Milestone XProtect, a reliable, customizable, scalable, user-friendly, and secure Video Management System (VMS), has demonstrated its effectiveness in over 500,000 installations worldwide.

Proven across diverse settings, from small businesses to universities, stadiums, and cities, Milestone XProtect ensures peace of mind and security on an affordable budget.

Milestone Video Surveillance Systems
Milestone Video Surveillance Systems

System Integration and Advanced Networking

System Integration and Advanced Networking

NetAccess excels in providing end-to-end integrated multi-site surveillance solutions, leveraging advanced networking capabilities. Our centralized surveillance approach utilizes multiple internet connections, integrates mixed camera types (digital and analog), deploys multiple Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and ensures seamless multi-site integration. Our consultative approach guarantees a solution that not only reduces overhead costs and increases productivity but is also disaster-proof.

Elevate Your Security with Access Control Solutions

At NAS, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge access control solutions that go beyond simple monitoring.

Our comprehensive access control services include remote administration, audio and video door entry systems, multiple-site access management, and integration with smart building technologies.

Our team is dedicated to designing and installing a network of door access controls, keypads, readers, exit control devices, and electronic strikes and locks tailored to your budget and security requirements.

Tailored Access Control Systems

We understand that every business has unique security needs. That’s why our team of experts is adept at designing and implementing access control systems across various industries.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies from leading manufacturers, our systems are not only highly effective but also easily manageable.

We ensure a seamless flow of people throughout your building while prioritizing the security of your employees, clients, property, and sensitive information.

With NAS, you can trust in robust access control solutions that prioritize both safety and convenience.

KEYSCAN Aurora Access Control Solutions