Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to work with you.

We have 2 primary ways of contacting support; phone and email/contact forms. Our general philosophy is that if someone takes the time to call us, it’s probably more urgent than if someone emails us or uses one of our contact forms.

We also have an enhanced F.A.Q. section here on our website that we are investing time into to build common support inquiries. For some self-help please try the F.A.Q. and also there is our myNetAccess Portal which has a number of tools including invoice review and online payments as well as links to our support documents.

We have a 24×7 live answer support for business. We have next business day for support that is is emailed in to us or via one of our contact forms.

Urgent Support:

  • Please call us at 905-524-2001 x1

General Support:

We usually phone you back if you call us, and we usually email back if you email us unless there are some specific instructions you specify for us or the need/resolution requires some different action.