Stay Safe Working Remotely

Here are some top tips for working remotely:

  • Are your teams security awareness trained to recognize phishing scams?
  • Would your team recognize fake news and malicious websites? Be extra careful these days…
  • Are your remote workers using a password manager and using strong unique passwords?
  • There are more and more credential phishing attacks – just enter your password…. be wary!
  • Are your application and operating system security patches applied?
  • How secure is your remote user’s home WiFi? Hopefully the ‘admin’ user was changed to something else…
  • Have you locked all physical documents up? Or Shredded?
  • Is the work environment a private space at home?
  • Don’t use free VPNs, use your Company’s VPN!
  • Does your Company have good sound policies outlined for your teams working from home to follow?

Should you need assistance working with your last line of defense, your value staff members and their security training, please let us know if you would like to work with NetAccess, we’d be glad to help. You can also call our main line at 905-524-2001 to speak to someone if you don’t have a managed support engagement with NetAccess.

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