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A recent snippet from Dom’s training seminar at NAS talking about some key reasons as to why buying computer workstations and systems from Tier 1 commercial vendors is vital for businesses. There are some key differences between big box stores and Tier1 Vendors, including hardware lifecycle, parts availability, documentation to name a few with the primary goal of reducing ticket time for servicing issues and reducing negative end-user productivity impacts.

Buying from a Tier1 Vendor in the end reduces frustration from end-users, businesses and their IT teams positively leading to increased productivity and better overall business health.

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Lenovo: #1 PC vendor in the world:
Lenovo Reliability:
Lenovo Modern workspace:

Ease of management:
Intel vPRO:
Intel SIPP:
Intel AMT:

Dual monitors health:

Dual monitor productivity:

Tiny in one:
Tiny in one dual display:

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