“As one of Southern Ontario’s largest property management companies our tenants depend on us for secure, fully operational buildings. We can’t afford any business interruption and that’s why we’re with NetAccess. With a 100% uptime data centre hosting our applications, managed security camera services and connectivity options, NetAccess is able to provide everything we need in an IT Partner. NetAccess is local, we have a personal connection and they’re saving us money. As we grow, they will grow with us.”

Robert Miles, Property Manager

Wilson Blanchard Management Inc.

“We can’t afford to be down and that’s why we have been doing business with NetAccess for over 15 years. NetAccess is local, dependable and we trust them. Not only does NetAccess advise us on best practices but they deliver hybrid IT solutions that fit our critical needs of Business Continuity and budget. NetAccess provides our full range of requirements from Digital Phone Services, Cloud Computing, and Managed Services to Internet Connectivity; this one stop shop allows us to focus on our core business, not the complexities of IT.“

Neil Wickham, President

Wickham Investment Council

“Two days after we installed our new phone system from NetAccess – I knew we had made the right decision. Some of our managers are old school and we encountered quite a bit of initial resistance from them. Within a week they were bragging about how much this would improve customer service; like it was their idea. When I say NetAccess did an excellent job, I mean it.

Harry Mitchell, Account Manager

Armagh Cash Register

“We wanted an alternative solution to our business Internet service. It started over 10 years ago with NetAccess. They are leading change and on the cutting edge. We decided to go wireless and our platform has been bang on with NetAccess. NetAccess provides us with very reliable service.”

Derek Jackson, VP Manufacturing

AXYZ Automation

“NetAccess has been our business internet service provider for over 15 years. We like their depth, credibility, reliability and as Controller, I like their pricing! We have a positive history with NetAccess. I like that they are located in downtown Hamilton. They’re accessible when we need them. They’re doing it right.”

Chris Campbell, Controller

Ira McDonald Construction