We wanted to talk a little about what our WSTAR Wireless Internet service is and some reasons why we put our wireless Internet network coverage in place.

Year over year there has been a continual increase in the desire of working from home, and not everyone lives in an urban setting with lots of options.

With COVID-19 and the current pandemic, there has been an increase in demand and understanding of wireless service.

There has also been a continual demand from businesses that need better Internet in rural regions.

The larger incumbents such as Rogers/Bell etc continually give a lot of lip service to local politicians about what they can do for rural service, but the reality is that the ROI for laying fiber down the street vs a rural setting just doesn’t compare. There is way more opportunity to recover the cost of deployment in an urban setting. Things are too spread out in the country and the costs are very similar on a per km comparison. That is just the way it is.

Consider my own personal situation where I lived out of the city, there just were no wired base services. While I waited for service I ran on cellular and came across some challenges Service was spotty, it only worked well in the middle of my yard, or near the windows in my house, but not where my office is. I have a tin roof and it cannot penetrate reliably. In addition to this, I do a lot of video conferencing at home and my monthly bill was in excess of $650 – totally unacceptable, and not predicable. So when I maned to get it work, I had excessive costs to contend with.

WSTAR Wireless Service

Enter WSTAR – wireless small town and rural, a service powered by NetAccess.

There are 4 primary considerations: speed, reliability, security and costs.

Speed – the service is up to 50×10 speeds, that is 50Mbps down and 10Mbps up. This is more than enough to handle most needs. As long as there are no obstacles you should be able to get 50 x 10.

Reliability – we aim for 30db over the noise floor – in English, we want enough signal to ensure that there is a very reliable service. For every 3db this means twice the power, so shooting for 30db is a lot of overhead for have available for any interfere, temperature inversions or other random things that can cause concern for reliable service.

Security – we encrypt the data from the radio network all the way back to our network core. This means that no one can read the data being transmitted over the airways. We also run a private network and it is not shared for your peace of mind. Every device would be managed.

Costs – we offer the service for a fixed rate of $89.95 and for an additional $30 you can get an unlimited package. This makes billing predicable and a fixed entry in your budget.

Right now we cover from Saint Catharines all the way to Mississauga around the greater golden horseshoe and up to Milton, Guelph and Brantford. If you are looking for a good reliable service for your home or business and are in our footprint, as long as you have some reasonable height you should be able to get a good service.

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